Top 10 CNC-bewerkingsentrums-fabriek in China

Top 10 CNC-bewerkingsentrums-fabriek in China  

China is one of the largest countries in Asia that is well-known for producing high-quality machines. They also offer excellent CNC machining capabilities which is perfect for the global market. According to a study, Most countries outside China consider this to be one of the great countries equipped with advanced CNC machines and other technology used to produce intricate parts and other products. That is why if  you looking for a top CNC machined factory in China? Below are the right choices for you! 

CNC is known as a computer numerical control machine whose purpose is for automation, manufacturing precision, and high-efficiency works. The main usage of CNC machines is to manufacture CNC machine parts and other products to meet the needs of different applications. 

Top 10 CNC-bewerkingsentrums-fabriek in China  

Hieronder is die Top 10 CNC Machining Centers Factories in China. The table shows the company name, where they are located and the year it was established. 

Nommer MaatskappynaamLigging jaar gestig 
1.SMTCLShenyang 1993 
3.QCMTTShaanxi Provinsie1965
4.BOOHILingang New Area2007 
5.HisionDongguan, KwaZulu-Natal2009
6.JIERJinan 1937
7.Haiming MachinerGuangzhou2007
8.Shanghai Machine Tool  Sjanghai1940 
9.Beijing Machine ToolBeijing 1949
10.Nanjing No.1 Machine ToolNanjing 1964 

Summary of the Company 


STML is a professional company based in China. They are well-known as a great services provider by selling all types of Shenyang machine tools, complete sets of spare parts and accessories, overhaul and maintenance of every machine, CNC machine tool spare parts transformation, spare parts consulting services, technical training, agent capital market operation, import and export trading, industry channel integrations, etc. 

The company produces different types of machines such as CNC lathe machines, grinders, mills, routers, and many others. Aside from that they also produce CNC lathe parts, radial drilling parts, CNC tool holders, cool lubricant pumps, general parts, and other as it needed. 

If you want a company that offers great services such as private customized services, value-added services, aftersales services, and many others. Then I highly recommend STML. 

Other services offer: 

The company also can make intricate parts by using different services such as: 

  • maal 
  • Draai
  • Boring 
  • CNC bewerking
  • CNC draai
  • Drilling and many other 


DMTG or known as Dalian Machine Tool., Ltd was founded in the year 1935 and until now, they serve in more than 100 countries across the world. With many years of experience, the company was able to invent more than 2500 units of machine and equipment. That is why other companies acquired them including Zmmerman, Crankshaft, Ingersoll Production System, and many others. 

The company rest assured to meet client needs and for different industries such as automobiles, rail transit, construction machinery, communication equipment, oil machinery, vocational mining, metallurgy, etc. With that, DMTG become popular in different fields due to their years of experience and quality services.

Are you looking for a reliable and trusted company for your growing business? Choose DMTG and message them now! 

Why Choose DMTG

  • Provide great services 
  • Hoë kwaliteit produkte 
  • Omvattende oplossing 
  • Mededingende pryse 
  • Top 500 companies enterprise in China 
  • Top 100 in machinery industry 
  • In global they top as 10 


  • Production line and intelligent manufacturing cell 
  • 5-axis linkage vertical and horizontal turning-milling compound machining center 
  • High speed and precision turning center
  • Vertical and horizontal turning-milling compound machining center
  • CNC stelsel 
  • Industriële robot 
  • CNC tool magazine 
  • Bal skroef 
  • CNC cutter table 
  • High-speed spindle and electric spindle 
  • Linear guide rail and many others. 


QCMTT is a China-based company that is known as a manufacturer of equipment and machine tools. They have multiple centers that help them with the development and research of CNC machine tools and other equipment used in different fields of applications. The company was founded in the year 1965 and throughout its experience, they became the biggest manufacturer and supplier of tools and equipment across other countries. Until now they have continued growing with the help of prodoctoral researchers and experts, state-funded facilities such as centers, and many others. 

Moreover, the company since the year established they gathered more than 10176 employees. With that, they rank among the most famous machine tool enterprise groups not just in China but across other countries. Message them now for more information! 

Main Produkte 

  • Cylindrical grinder 
  • CNC high-speed Cylindrical 
  • CNC Form Gear Grinding 
  • Gear Shaving Cutter Grinding 
  • CNC high-Speed End 
  • Cycloidal Gear Grinding Machine 
  • CNC gear Grinding Machine 
  • Broaching Cutter 
  • Special Cutting Tool and more 

Machining Center They Have 

  • Vertikale bewerkingsentrum
  • horinzontaL Machining center 
  • gantry  machining center 
  • Special Machining center 


BOOHI is a top enterprise in China in producing machine tools. The company is equipped with 3,500 employees and has gained more than 1.8 billion yuan in total assets. They were established in the year 2007 and up to now they made more than 20,000 CNC machine tools and equipment and delivered in across the world. That is why, in more than 15 years of the company they earn more than 30 million dollars. 

All of their machine and other products are perfectly designed to meet the needs of different sectors such as agriculture machinery, engineering machinery, aerospace, vocational colleges, automotive, and other fields of industries. 

Moreover, BOOHI rest assured it passed different certifications to give quality assurance for every client. They passed ISO 9001, EU and CE, ISO 14001 certifications, and custom AA-level Credit for quality assurance.

If you are looking for a top quality and reliable supplier of CNC machines and other equipment, I highly recommend BOOHI company. Message them now! 

Waarom by ons 

  • Client Field 
  • Enterprise Core 
  • Enterprise Positioning 
  • Tegniese opleiding 
  • Onderhoud 
  • 24 / 7 Customer Support 

Main Products They Made 

  • Naaimasjien 
  • Meul
  • Slypmasjien
  • Draaibank masjien 
  • Boormasjien 
  • EDM/WEDM Machine 
  • Metaal Snymasjien 
  • Slotting Shaping Machine 
  • Metal Forming Equipment and many others. 


Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading China-based company that specializes in providing a non-stop solution of machine tooling for different industries. The company has an assembly plant and constant temperature processing of more than 500,000 square meters with equipment of 1900 employees. With years of experience, they have major awards and honors such as provincial high-tech research and development centers, national high-tech enterprises, and national major technical equipment enterprises. 

In the last year 2022, the company from more than 12 years years of great experience Hision gathered more than 4825 sales of machines, and that continues growing until now. That possibly happened because, they make sure to provide great services for every customer such as overhaul services, custom services, aftersales services, and many others. 

Main Produkte 

  • Vertikale bewerkingsentrum 
  • Horizontal Machining Center
  • CNC draaibank 
  • Dubbelkolom-bewerkingsentrum 

Different Industries They Serve 

  • Automotive Industry 
  • Mould Industry 
  • Lug- en ruimtevaartbedryf 
  • Dieselenjin 
  • masjinerie 
  • Power 
  • Skip 
  • lokomotief 
  • Automobile 


JIER MACHINE-TOOL GROUP CO., LTD is a professional company based in China that produces an extensive range of CNC machines and equipment. Their main goal is to meet the demand needs for various industries such as automobile, ship, rail, electricity, household appliances, automotive, aerospace, and many others. 

The company is well-known as a manufacturer of the largest metal-forming equipment not just only in China but across the world. With the help of their predoctoral scientific research stations, enterprise R&D centers, and technical centers they can provide quality CNC machines at competitive prices. 

Furthermore, JIER was established in the year 1937 and they are the only company that offers 24/7 global services. That’s the reason why this company continues to grow now.

If you want a quality and a great provider of CNC machines and machine tools, this company is perfect for you.  You can message them now! 

Products They Made 

  • Sheet Metal Forming Equipment 
  • CNC masjien gereedskap 
  • Gieterusting 
  • Plaatverwerkingstoerusting 
  • CNC snymasjien
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Line for FAW-TRUCK 

Haiming Machiner 

Haiming Machiner is a professional R&D, Production, and design company that focuses on providing non-stop solutions with the latest technology and machines. The company was founded in the year 2007 until now they become a top supplier across other countries such as South Korea, the United States, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and others. 

The company serves different sectors, especially for chemical industry, plastic product processing industry, container equipment, environmental protection equipment, automotive, aerospace, electroplating industry, and many more. With the help of their technical personnel, many engineers, and other production elite it is possible to make a quality and trusted machine for your business needs. Message them now for inquiries! 

Main Products They Made 

  • CNC graveermasjien 
  • Chemical tank spiral winding machine 
  • Sweismasjien 
  • CNC Router 
  • Plastic bending machine 
  • Plastic bending and butt welder 
  • Extrusion welder and many more. 

Shanghai Machine Tool 

Shanghai Machine Tool is a leading CNC Machining Center factory in China that is equipped with 4500 employees and had a total of 31.5 billion in 2019. With many years of experience, the company became a top supplier of different sectors such as the steel and non-ferrous metal industry, vehicle, ship, diesel engine and generator industry, automobile industry, power industry, aerospace, military, and many others. 

Shanghai has become a trusted supplier not only in China but also in more than 80 countries and regions across the world such as Japan, Britain, Germany, the United States, and others. They make sure that quality is a must that is why they have more than 100 sets of advanced testing equipment, more than 100 computers, precision measuring equipment including numerical control development systems, data acquisitions and so much more. 

Main Produkte 

  • CNC roller grinder 
  • CNC cylindrical grinder 
  • CNC precision grinder 
  • CNC crankshaft grinder  
  • CNC Lathe and many others. 

Beijing Machine Tool 

Beijing Machine Tool is a trusted CNC Machining Center Factory based in China that was established in the year 1949. The company can deliver more than 500 types and more than 100,000 sets of different machine tools not just in China but also in other countries. The common for that country are the USA, Japan, Germany, Canada, Russia, Korea, Iran, and many other countries or regions. 

All of their CNC machine and other equipment offer different advantages such as high precision, high speed, high efficiency, high flexibility, highly rigid, can handle large loads, and many more. Thats becomes perfect to make intricate parts that are used for different industrial applications, especially for automotive, aerospace, military, power industry, etc. 

Why Choose Beijing Machine Tools 

  • Offer Technical Maintenance and services 
  • Rest assured to provide quality and competitive price

The Main Product They Provide 

The company exports and imports different types of machining centers including:

  • Conventional Milling Machine 
  • CNC freesmasjien 
  • Plano milling machine 
  • Electrical and other machinery 
  • Knee Types milling machine 
  • CNC Boring 
  • Drilling and Milling Machines 
  • Vertical and Horizontal machining centers 
  • CNC boormasjiene 
  • heavy-duty and super-duty plano types milling and boring machines 
  • Assembly lines of vehicle components and geological driller, etc. 

Nanjing No.1 Machine Tool

Nanjing No.1 Machine Tool is a leading corporation in the field of mechanical industry. They are one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in China because of their more than 60 years of experience. Aside from that, Nanjing is a top supplier of different industries such as energy resources, aviation, electronics, chemistry, precision instruments, automobiles, and many others due to they can manufacture different types of machine parts. 

To provide high-quality machine products they make sure to pass ISO 9001 for quality assurance. The company also uses advanced machining equipment, they offer drawings, samples, and materials to meet client needs if they want machined parts. 

If you need a professional company that provides a wide range of CNC machines, then choose Nanjing. Message them now! 

Main Products They Provide 

  • Gear cutting machine and more
  • CNC EDM 
  • Semi-automatic and high-efficiency automatic lathe 
  • Plastic injection molding machine 
  • CNC draaibank 
  • single spindle automatic turret lathe


The top CNC Machining factories listed above are well-known in China. The criteria for choosing them is because of their advanced technology, years of experience, comprehensive customer support, and reliability. Not just that, They are not only a supplier of different quality machinery but also have production capabilities to make intricate parts that are widely used for different fields of industry.  

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