At HM, we specialize in producing CNC plastic parts in simple to complex shapes. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing tools and over 20 years of experience in precision plastic design and machining, we deliver exceptional quality and value to our customers.

HM CNC Plastic Parts

CNC plastic parts have been a part of daily life, from gardening tools and food packaging to sports equipment and laptops. Plastic materials are adaptable and malleable, suitable for producing different types of parts. From flexible and soft components that can resist repetitive movements to impact-resistant, harder pieces that remain durable in extreme temperatures.

CNC machining is one of the popular techniques used to create plastic parts due to its reliability and compatibility with numerous materials. It has the ability to produce parts with complicated geometries. At HM, our team of designers and engineers will work with you to provide unmatched support in every production stage.

Different Plastic Materials for CNC Machining

ABS CNC-bewerkingToughness, high impact strength, electrical-resistantHousehold appliances, electronic enclosures, iconic Lego bricks
Nylon CNC-bewerkingChemical and wear-resistant, excellent electrical insulationMedical devices, automobile engine components, mounting hardware, aerospace components, etc.
AkrielKras waarlikAutomobile light components, panels, tanks, light tubes, etc.
POM CNC MachiningChemical-, impact-, fatigue-, and moisture-resistantBearings, bushings, fasteners, gears, electronic components, etc.
HDPE CNC-bewerkingChemical-resistant, good electrical insulation, impact-resistantPlastic bottles, fuel tanks, fluid flow pipes
Polikarbonaat CNC-bewerkingNatural transparent appearance, high impact strengthSafety glasses, optical disks, mobile phones, light pipes, etc.

CNC Plastic Parts in Various Industries

  • Industrial

    CNC machining is a solution to produce plastic components for industrial applications such as levers and pulleys. It is efficient during mass production.

  • Automotive

    Automotive industries rely on CNC plastic parts for automobile lighting prototypes. Can be used to produce light guides and outer lens covers.

  • Elektroniese

    HM produces CNC plastic parts for the healthcare industry. We can produce surgical tools, electronic medical device parts, and many more.

  • Elektroniese

    HM manufactures CNC plastic parts for the electronic industry, such as semiconductors. Most electronic CNC plastic parts contain machined plastic enclosures.

  • Verbruikersprodukte

    We can create a wide range of CNC plastic parts for consumer products such as household goods, house appliances, toys, and many more.

Plastic CNC Machining Method

  • Plastic CNC Turning: It involves holding a piece of plastic on a lathe place. Then, it is rotated against the turning or spinning motion of cutting tools. 0.015 IPR feeding rate is ideal for rough cuts and 0.005 IPR for precise final cuts.
  • Plastic CNC Milling: A computer-controlled process using a milling cutter or cylindrical rotating tool. This process is ideal for producing simpler designs.
  • Plastic CNC Drilling: It uses a drill bit to make plastic block holes. This process uses various drill presses such as radial, bench, and upright CNC drill presses.
Plastic CNC Machining Method
CNC Plastic Machining Types

CNC Plastic Machining Types

CNC machine for the production of plastic parts uses various operations and tools. Here are some machines utilized in the production:

  • Lathes: It carries out high velocity and precision cutting. This machine can produce more complex designs.
  • Plasma Cutter: It utilizes a plasma torch when cutting materials.
  • CNC Mills: CNC mills use a three-axis system to shape parts.

Why Choose HM Among Other Plastic Machining Firm?

In addition to a precise machining process and high-quality products, HM offers:

  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing Tools
  • Complete service machining from product prototyping to final production.
  • The latest quality control procedure exceeds industry standards.
  • Custom packaging options
  • Inventory system to support your process
  • Overall dedication to client satisfaction

HM has vast knowledge in CNC plastic machining so we can discuss with you the most complex applications and special projects. With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, HM shines at precision plastic design and machining. You can rely upon us for all your plastic part requirements.

We’re Dedicated to Providing Professional Customer Service

Our knowledge of CNC plastic machining is not the only advantage we have in the competition. We position a high service on effective customer communications. When you work with HM, you will have one point of contact who will help you work with every production stage. These communications ensure that the project will operate smoothly from beginning to finish.

CNC machining of plastic parts is completed in our fully controlled environment. In every part we machined, HM provides quality. We also sustain a complete record of every product.

If you need more knowledge about our plastic machining abilities, please skakel ons vandag!

Advantages for You
Advantages for You
  • Optimale funksionaliteit
  • Reduced parts and material costs
  • Additional construction resources
  • Cost savings in assembly and production
Our Services for CNC Plastic Machining
Our Services for CNC Plastic Machining
  • Plastic selection advice
  • Bespoke parts, precisely fitting
  • Technical product design on an advanced CAD system
  • Construction Review for producibility and functionality

Advantages of CNC Machining for Plastic Part Production

Fast Turnaround for Prototypes
Fast Turnaround for Prototypes

Plastic CNC prototypes are the highest quality options for rapid prototypes. It is because producing a mold is not crucial. As a result, the process is logically fast and reduced the cycle time of prototypes.

Smoother Finishes
Smoother Finishes

Normally, plastic parts have a smooth surface finish to effectively work with the other parts. As opposed to the plastic injection molded parts, machined parts provide a smoother surface. As a result, there are no rough edges.

Maintain Tighter Tolerances
Maintain Tighter Tolerances

CNC plastic machining reaches tighter tolerance compared to other processes such as injection molding. CNC machining is a systematic manufacturing process for plastic parts that need tight tolerance guidelines. It is specifically important for plastic parts used in high-precision applications.

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